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Feb 15, 2015

ONE STEP AHEAD: Protein in sports drinks - will it affect performance. HOT PROPERTY INTERVIEW - HILLARY BISCAY: Hillary Biscay is the most prolific iron-distance competitor on the professional women's racing circuit having completed 66 Ironman triathlons and often racing Ironmans on back-to-back weekends. She is also a coach, blogger and plant based athlete. In 2010, after completing 8 Ironmans during the season, Hillary took on a new challenge at the Ultraman World Championships in Hawaii. She finished second and recorded the fastest women's Ultraman debut in history whilst also finishing over an hour under the 21-year-old course record time. The second time around Hillary won the race. She has recently joined the Women for Tri Board with a view to improving opportunities for female athletes in the sport.

Hillary Biscay

WORKOUT OF THE WEEK: Jet Lag. How to cope if you're flying to a race. 5 MINUTE FOCUS: Jason and Rick from Milestone Sports talk to us about the 'The MilestonePod'. Tracking the mileage on your shoes has never been so easy, simply lace the pod through your laces and go. The pod automatically tracks every mile without having to push a button. Download the free MilestoneApp for detailed activity data including distance, pace, duration, cadence, stance time, stride length, calories, and overall shoe mileage. With the MilestonePod you will know the moment you need new shoes! THE GEEK OUT: A study on an athlete who completed 33 Ironmans in 33 days!


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