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Welcome to Fitter Radio.

Hosted by Coach Bevan McKinnon & Nutritionist Mikki Williden.

Jan 19, 2020

FITTER RADIO COFFEE CLUB RACE ENTRY WINNER: BROOKE HENDERSON (00:23:21) Brooke won the free race entry to the Tarawera Ultra. We catch up with her to find out how her training’s going.

WORKOUT OF THE WEEK: (00:33:08) Mental fatigue and some strategies to help ease it in race week.


Jan 12, 2020

WORKOUT OF THE WEEK AND ONE STEP AHEAD (00:15:02) Jet lag and minimising the effects of misaligned circadian rhythms and dehydration.

STACY SIMS (00:28:05) Jet lag and ‘My Flight Pack’ at

HOT PROPERTY INTERVIEW: ANDREW STARYKOWICZ (00:37:54) We bring back Andrew Starykowicz Professional Triathlete, 10...

Jan 5, 2020

WORKOUT OF THE WEEK: (00:23:06) How to improve fat oxidization via FATMAX training

HOT PROPERTY INTERVIEW: SEBASTIAN WEBER (00:36:33) After his studies in sport science and molecular human biology Sebastian Weber ran several research projects on modeling muscular energy metabolism and its adaptation to training at...

Dec 29, 2019

FITTER RADIO COFFEE CLUB FREE RACE ENTRY COMPETITION WINNER: CLAIRE BADENHORST (00:21:12) Claire won the free race entry to the iconic Challenge Wanaka Half, we talk to Claire to find out a bit more about her.

Claire Badenhorst

WORKOUT OF THE WEEK: (00:32:47) VLamax and the measurement of lactate.


Dec 21, 2019

FITTER RADIO COFFEE CLUB FREE RACE ENTRY COMPETITION: CHALLENGE WANAKA (00:09:39) Bevan talks about this iconic race in the South Island of New Zealand.

WORKOUT OF THE WEEK: (00:18:41) The Shrug and other free speed.

HOT PROPERTY INTERVIEW: KEN BALLHAUSE (00:34:32) We talk to Ken Ballhause, Sports Scientist with...