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Hosted by Coaches Bevan McKinnon & Tim Brazier, Fitter Radio brings together their shared passion and knowledge of triathlon, running, nutrition and basically all things endurance!  Listen to the latest research, interviews with pro athletes and leading experts to help you improve your sports performance and your health.

Apr 29, 2023

Doping in triathlon - are we being naive? Is the integrity of the sport now at risk or has triathlon (like all other sports) never been clean. Join us as we explore the controversial topic of Collin Chartier's drug test bust and its implications for the sport of triathlon, sharing our initial reactions and uncovering the world of drug testing. We look at its shortcomings and the high cost of improving testing methods.

We share Lionel Sander's raw and honest Instagram post about the current state of professional sports and how cheating affects the integrity of the sport itself, emphasizing that the true value of sport lies in personal growth and self-discovery. 

We also interview Swedish triathlete Patrik Nilsson about his journey dealing with injuries and setbacks and his aspirations for the upcoming ITU Long Distance race in Ibiza.

Lastly we connect with Dr Kate Baldwin from Endurance Movement on the importance of warming up, strength and conditioning, and whether or not to train in bare feet!

(0:05:14) – We discuss our thoughts around the recent Collin Chartier EPO scandal 

(0:14:17) – We share Lionel Sander’s response to the doping violation news.

(0:36:35) – Why does triathlon have such a clean image? We share an excerpt from Ross Tucker’s ‘Real Science of Sport’ Podcast.

(0:52:33) – An excerpt from Patrik Nilsson’s interview, out tomorrow.

(1:02:24) – An excerpt from Endurance Movement’s Dr Kate Baldwin, out tomorrow.


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