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Welcome to Fitter Radio.

Hosted by Coach Bevan McKinnon & Nutritionist Mikki Williden.

Nov 20, 2022

FITTER RADIO COFFEE CLUB COMPETITION: (00:10:15) This week we’re offering a free race entry competition to the inaugural Earshots Challenge Wanaka Cross Tri (or Duathlon) on 18 February 2023. Go to for more details on the event and go to our website for more details on how to join the Fitter Radio Coffee Club.

FITTER RADIO COFFEE CLUB MEMBER: LUKE WILLIAMS (00:12:26) Luke won the free race entry to the Challenge Wanaka Half Distance Triathlon. We find out a bit more about him.

FITTER RADIO COFFEE CLUB MEMBER: STEWART McLACHLAN (00:21:54) Stewart won the free race entry to IRONMAN 70.3 Melbourne. We find out how it all went.

HOT PROPERTY INTERVIEW: JAMES SPRAGG (00:29:29) James Spragg of Spragg Performance is a British Cycling qualified coach, a UK Anti Doping registered 'coach clean' coach, a member of the British Association of Sport and Exercise Scientists and has completed a MSc in Applied Sport Science focusing on improving endurance performance in elite cyclists. In addition, he is a member of the UK Coaching Performance Coaching Association - the UK's most prestigious association for performance-focused sports coaches in the UK. We bring James back to the show to talk about his work into durability in athletes.

MARGINAL GAINS MONDAY: (01:17:22) Brought to you by Profile Design. This week Dave Bowden reports back on devices that might make your bike faster: