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Welcome to Fitter Radio.

Hosted by Coach Bevan McKinnon & Nutritionist Mikki Williden.

Mar 26, 2022

FITTER RADIO COFFEE CLUB MEMBER: SHANE DUFFY (00:11:34) Shane won the free race entry to Cairns Airport IRONMAN. We find out more about him.

HOT PROPERTY INTERVIEW: SARAH CROWLEY (00:24:30) We bring Sarah back to the show to talk about the last couple of years and her plans for training and racing going forward.

MARGINAL GAINS MONDAY: DAVE BOWDEN (01:12:39) Our new segment brought to you by Profile Design. This week we talk the ‘inner tube’.

ONE STEP AHEAD: (01:37:43) Magnesium and Collagen: Sleep Quality and Force Development.