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Welcome to Fitter Radio.

Hosted by Coaches Bevan McKinnon & Tim Brazier, Fitter Radio brings together their shared passion and knowledge of triathlon, running, nutrition and basically all things endurance!  Listen to the latest research, interviews with pro athletes and leading experts to help you improve your sports performance and your health.

Jun 6, 2021

FITTER RADIO COFFEE CLUB MEMBER MICHAEL TURNER (00:09:12) Michael (aka Titchyboy) Turner won the free race entry to IRONMAN Australia. We find out a bit more about him.

BEVAN AND TIM BRAZIER (00:23:10) FITTER coaches Bevan and Tim give us a round up of the racing from the weekend.

HOT PROPERTY INTERVIEW: SIMON WEGERIF (01:10:57) Simon Wegerif is the Founder and Managing Director of ‘Ithlete’ the leading, scientifically founded app that accurately measures HRV (hear Rate Variability) in only 1 minute. ithlete is designed for teams, individuals and anyone who enjoys competitive sports.

ONE STEP AHEAD: (01:53:05) Training ‘low’. Performance effects of periodized carbohydrate restriction in endurance trained athletes - a systematic review and meta-analysis.