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Hosted by Coaches Bevan McKinnon & Tm Brazier, Fitter Radio brings together their shared passion and knowledge of triathlon, running, nutrition and basically all things endurance!  Listen to the latest research, interviews with pro athletes and leading experts to help you improve your sports performance and your health.

Feb 4, 2018

FASTING: (00:15:09) Bevan updates us on his personal fasting journey. WORKOUT OF THE WEEK: (00:23:30) The difference between TSS and HR TSS in Training Peaks. HOT PROPERTY INTERVIEWS – BRADEN CURRIE AND DOUGAL ALLAN: (00:33:09) We talk to Braden and Dougal following their incredible winning performance at the recent Red Bull Defiance race in Wanaka. They talk the race, their history and Challenge Wanaka 2018.

Braden and Dougal 199

ONE STEP AHEAD: (01:06:52) Caffeine – the good news and not so good news.


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