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Hosted by Coach Bevan McKinnon & Nutritionist Mikki Williden.

Aug 6, 2017

ONE STEP AHEAD: Iron overload. WORKOUT OF THE WEEK: Using the data from Training Peaks to help inform your taper. GIVEAWAY: ‘The Brave Athlete – Calm the F*ck Down and Rise to the Occasion’ by Dr Simon Marshall PHD and Lesley Paterson offers an innovative, brain training guide for athletes that is the first to draw from both clinical science and real-world experience. Win a copy of the book by going to our Facebook page and looking out for our competition post.

The Brave Athlete

HOT PROPERTY INTERVIEW – CORINNE ABRAHAM: Welsh triathlete Corinne Abraham is having a great year! With 2 podiums already under her belt - Lanzarote and Austria where she raced to 2nd at both - the Brett Sutton coached athlete and member of the Pewag Racing Team hopes to be able to give Kona another crack this year.

Corinne Abraham

SID TALKS: This week Laura ‘Sid’ Siddall talks to us from back in the UK after her recent race at Challenge Prague. We talk about the race, plus does having a lead moto provide drafting rider performance and the latest on the Challenge Championship.

Laura Siddall

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