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May 17, 2015

ONE STEP AHEAD: The optimum time to be taking supplements. HOT PROPERTY INTERVIEW – MICHELLE BREMER: Growing up in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand, Michelle grew to love the outdoors and spent most of her days running around and swimming at the beach. In 2007 a friend inspired her to enter a local half ironman race, and after taking the rest of the year to "recover" from her half ironman effort, she took a trip to Kona to watch a friend race the Ironman World Champs. She was blown away by the sport of ironman.  In August 2011 Michelle made the move to leave her job as a Physiotherapist and start training full time.  She entered her first full Ironman race, Busselton Western Australia and won it in a time of 9:25.  Her second win came only a few weeks ago on Sunday 3 May when she ran down her rivals to win the 30th anniversary race in Port Macquarie in a time of 9:38.

Michelle Bremer

WORKOUT OF THE WEEK: Gross efficiency – how much chemical energy the muscles are using to produce a given power output.  Although it applies to all the disciplines of swimming, cycling and running we talk about it this week in respect of pedalling cadence and look at what cyclists can do to improve their gross efficiency. 5 MINUTE FOCUS: This week we talk to Kamil Dziadkiewicz and Matt Heleniak about the new Swimmo Smartwatch. Runners and cyclists all have mobile applications to track their workouts but having these with you in the pool was not an option… until now.  Swimmo tracks your swim workout and motivates and communicates with you under water. With heart rate sensors, workout tracking, IntensityCoach and PaceKeeper, Swimmo monitors your swim both in the pool and in open water.  THE GEEK OUT: Endurance amnesia. After that tough event a lot of us will say “never again”.  As athletes are we gluttons for pain or is it that we forget quickly.


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