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Hosted by Coach Bevan McKinnon & Nutritionist Mikki Williden.

Jan 18, 2015

ONE STEP AHEAD: Mikki talks to us about 'rebound (or reactive) hypoglycemia'. HOT PROPERTY INTERVIEW - COURTNEY ATKINSON: Courtney is one of Australia's most successful ITU athletes of the modern era and at 35 years old has had a hugely successful career to date. In 2013 he stepped away from the ITU scene and moved into a bit more of the long distance and Xterra racing however he’s about to move back into the ITU scene again! Bevan talks to Courtney about his career to date, the reasons behind his moves and his plans for the future.

Courtney Atkinson

WORKOUT OF THE WEEK: 'How to Start Training with Power'. Bev talks about this free downloadable Training Peaks EBook that gives an overview of the basics of training with power. 5 MINUTE FOCUS: We talk to Alec Law of Sensoria Fitness Socks. Runners want to know how far and how fast they're running but they also want to know how well they're running. Sensoria smart socks are infused with proprietary 100% textile sensors to detect parameters important to your running form including cadence and foot landing technique.  The socks connect to the innovative light weight anklet which wirelessly relays data during your run to the Sensoria Fitness mobile app. THE GEEK OUT: We talk about a reliability and validity study of a pedal based power system (Look KEO Pedal System) for measuring power output during incremental and repeated sprint cycling.



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