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Hosted by Coaches Bevan McKinnon & Tm Brazier, Fitter Radio brings together their shared passion and knowledge of triathlon, running, nutrition and basically all things endurance!  Listen to the latest research, interviews with pro athletes and leading experts to help you improve your sports performance and your health.

Jan 4, 2015

ONE STEP AHEAD: All bunged up and can’t go? Why that might be happening and possible solutions to constipation for athletes. HOT PROPERTY INTERVIEW - PAUL LAURSEN: This week we bring back Professor Paul Laursen to talk to us about RICES (Rest/Ice/Compression/Elevation and more recently Stretching).  Paul is a Performance Physiologist working with High Performance Sport NZ out of the Millennium Institute in Albany. Traditionally it was always thought we should RICE our injuries but is that still good advice? Paul and Bevan discuss why this is now being challenged. We also talk 'cold water immersion' - currently used after hard training to aid recovery - and its usefulness for athletes.  THE GEEK OUT: The 'Central Governor' theory - a proposed process in the brain that regulates exercise in regard to neurally calculated safe exertion by the body. Bevan looks at the research behind this theory. 5 MINUTE FOCUS: We talk to Dustin Freckleton of BSXinsight, the company behind the world's first non-invasive, wearable lactate sensor.  BSXinsight uses revolutionary technology that allows you to look inside your muscle, measuring your lactate threshold and generating personalized training zones. Q & A: We answer a listener question around LCHF and managing gastric upset when 'racing high/training low'.



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