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May 30, 2023

Dr Richard Ferguson is a specialist in the area of Exercise Physiology. His research is focused on improving human performance and health through exercise training and the use of novel interventions. He has a specific interest in the effects of blood flow restricted (BFR) exercise on skeletal muscle and peripheral vascular adaptations.

In this episode we explore the potential applications of blood flow restriction training across a variety of populations, from elite athletes to rehabilitating patients. We discuss the various intensities and settings that this type of training can be used in, from a sprint interval to lower intensity exercises. We also examine the potential of this training to aid in maintaining lean muscle mass in older populations and the potential of using it in cardio pulmonary rehabilitation.

Lastly, we discuss the safety considerations that come with using BFR training, the various types of cuffs and pumps used and the need for caution when engaging in BFR training.


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A Study: Blood-flow-restricted exercise: Strategies for enhancing muscle adaptation and performance in the endurance-trained athlete at