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Welcome to Fitter Radio.

Hosted by Coach Bevan McKinnon & Nutritionist Mikki Williden.

Feb 27, 2022

ANNABELLE HARTIGAN: (00:13:06) Coffee Club member Annabelle Hartigan won the free race entry to IM703 Geelong. We hear how it all went.

FORM GOGGLES: LIONEL SANDERS (00:27:14) We capture footage from Lionel Sanders about his thoughts on FORM Goggles.

COACHES CATCH-UP: (00:34:03) Bevan and Tim catch up on the latest news.

HOT PROPERTY INTERVIEW: TRENT STELLINGWERFF PhD (01:20:26) Trent Stellingwerff is the Director of Performance Solutions at the Canadian Sport Institute Pacific in Victoria, Canada. We chat to him about fuelling for endurance sports & Energy Availability