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Welcome to Fitter Radio.

Hosted by Coach Bevan McKinnon & Nutritionist Mikki Williden.

May 31, 2020

FITTER RADIO COFFEE CLUB COMPETITION: (00:10:27) This week our Coffee Club members get the chance to win free access to the Elite Mindset Institute online course – The Athletes Secret Weapon

FITTER COACH KRYSTLE HOCKLEY (00:13:07) Krystle’s back on the show and we talk Holistic Performance Nutrition, the effects of a pre-exercise high fat meal on performance and qualifying for IM 70.3 World Champs via the VR racing series.

WORKOUT OF THE WEEK: (00:34:08) Finding joy in the process of consistent training.

HOT PROPERTY INTERVIEW: SIMONE MITCHELL (00:43:57) We chat to British triathlete Simone Mitchell about her incredible journey from non-triathlete in 2012 to age group winner and then turning professional, winning her first pro race and qualifying for Kona.

Simone Mitchell 318

ONE STEP AHEAD: (01:38:45) Body weight and sports performance.