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Jan 17, 2016

ONE STEP AHEAD: Aspirin. WORKOUT OF THE WEEK: High intensity running. HOT PROPERTY INTERVIEW - JOE SKIPPER: British pro triathlete Joe Skipper will be coming to New Zealand in February to do 'The Double'. He's doing what Dylan McNeice, Carl Read and Gina Crawford did last year. He's taking on the Challenge Wanaka long distance race and following it up with Ironman New Zealand two weeks later. His plan? To win Challenge Wanaka and podium at IMNZ. At only 27 years old he already has an impressive résumé - 5 elite long distance podiums including 1st at Challenge Weymouth in 2014 and 2nd at the IM Texas North American Champs in 2015. At Texas he raced to a personal best time of 8:16 having ridden a blistering IM bike split of 4:10 - he's one to watch out for!

Joe Skipper

GEEK OUT: On a low carb diet and preparing for a race? This week our Geeky contributors 'The Plews and The Prof' talk to us about LCHF strategies pre, during and post competition.


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