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Hosted by Coach Bevan McKinnon & Nutritionist Mikki Williden.

Jul 19, 2015

ONE STEP AHEAD: LCHF for young athletes. WORKOUT OF THE WEEK: Swim workouts to both improve your top end speed and work on some of the mechanics in your swimming. HOT PROPERTY INTERVIEW – BRAD KAHLEFELDT: Brad Kahlefeldt (aka Sticksy!) had a stellar career on the ITU circuit which saw him claim Commonwealth Gold, three World Championship medals along with six Australian titles and 4 Oceania Championships. He did his first iron distance race at the Asia Pacific Champs in Melbourne on 22 March this year finishing 3rd! Brad now has his eye on Kona…

Brad K

5 MINUTE FOCUS: Mikki reviews the new 100% Natural Bars from Balance Nutrition. THE GEEK OUT: Compression socks.


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