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Hosted by Coaches Bevan McKinnon & Tim Brazier, Fitter Radio brings together their shared passion and knowledge of triathlon, running, nutrition and basically all things endurance!  Listen to the latest research, interviews with pro athletes and leading experts to help you improve your sports performance and your health.

Nov 2, 2014

In our Workout of the Week Bev talks to us about Metabolic Efficiency Testing - measuring your metabolic rate to determine the composition of fuels (fat versus carbohydrate) you're burning as exercise intensity increases. Determining your metabolic profile will go a long way to improving your chances of race day success. In One Step Ahead Mikki looks at vegan athletes - what they could be missing out on and how best to approach it. In the Geek-Out we look at the latest on caffeine and its effect on sprint performance. Our Hot Property Interview this week is with the amazing, the legendary the inspirational Chris 'MACCA' McCormack!! 2 times Ironman World Champion, 7 times World Cup Champion, 12 times Ironman Champion, ITU short-course World Champion, ITU long-course World Champion and Goodwill Games Gold Medalist. Chris gives us a great insight into what's happening in the world of triathlon and his views on what it means now to be a pro athlete. We also hear about his role as Executive Chairman for Thanyapura Phuket training venue and 'Macca X' Online Triathlon Coaching.

For our 5 Minute Focus we bring back Cliff Harvey of Holistic Performance Nutrition to talk about Clean Lean Protein. Clean Lean Protein is a high quality golden pea protein isolate. Cliff tells us about the advantages of a pea protein over standard dairy protein and who it would best suit.


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